Independent beauty consultant

Now AVON products, cosmetics and more,
NOT ONLY can be paid for with crypto,
AND thereby receive CASHBACK*.

AVON offers a wide range of products; certainly decorative cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, makeup, blush, mascara, etc., all in trendy colors, also high-quality skin care for every skin type, body care such as shower gels and body creams, hair care such as shampoo & conditioners, as well as fragrances, perfumes, EdP, EdT, deodorants, then on to stylish accessories such as scarves and bags, beautiful fashion jewelry, various gift items and even wellness and home products.

CLEAR; you can still place your order in euros as usual,
but the circle of crypto-fans is growing. We would like to do justice to this fact here.

Those who pay with crypto even have the opportunity to receive MaxBack here;
cashback in the form of MWT MountainWolf Token.*
For those paying by bank transfer or Paypal, there will be a free addition.

We assume that you already know the great AVON products, even if so far only
by the excellent name. 
If not, this is your chance to get to know the quality of AVON products.

If you have any questions about the products themselves or the offers shown there,
which are not already answered in the brochure,
please don't hesitate to contact Miranda at any time.

In general, please bear in mind that we are a part-time owner-managed company without staff, so we ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer to receive a response.

Please READ and follow the procedure below. Thank you

Process description and notes

At first, please note that if you do not accept the conditions described below, then please do not place an order. With your order, you accept the conditions as described on this page.
We are always truly interested in a positive experience for both sides, so just communicate with us in case anything seems to be a problem.

1. the legal part

1. You can find the cancellation policy HERE.

In addition to the rules of Selecto24, of course, the terms and conditions and delivery conditions of AVON apply undiminished.
These can be found at the appropriate places in the brochure where you can also order right away.

2. Should you be dissatisfied in any way, which we naturally try to avoid, please ALWAYS contact us first.

If a refund is required, it will be made in the same way as the original payment, unless we agree otherwise.

3. Delivery only possible within Germany. For other countries, see notes under this LINK.
There you will find various providers who offer you a German delivery address and forward the package to you. 

2. the order

1. You are welcome to browse the current online brochure and choose your products.

2. If you pay by bank transfer or Paypal, you can send your order from 30 € order value.
Delivery is then free of charge within Germany.
Here no MaxBack (cashback as MWT) can be granted, but a gift will be enclosed from 60 € order value.

3. After ordering, please send us your shipping address (within Germany!) by email (NOT via Telegram) and indicate how you would like to pay, for a correct invoice.

4. For payments using crypto such as Bitcoin BTC, ETHereum, MWT MountainWolf Token, GENIE, Tether USDT, Litecoin LTC, Tron TRX, Ripple XRP, Viridus Aurum VAUT, BNB, ZILliqa, SAND, MOF and others, see point 4.1 for more details.  For MaxBack see point 5.

3. order acceptance

1. If we have your delivery address and desired payment method, we can send you a correct invoice, and if still necessary, with the payment details.
With the sending of the invoice, the order is accepted on our part. With the appropriate payment, you also accept the offer (see info on revocation period).

2. You have NO entitlement to have us accept your order.. This decision is at our discretion only.

Especially towards the end of each month, the probability of order rejection increases.
This is for the reason that AVON changes the offer every month and prices can then be different. If for capacity reasons we then can no longer process your order in time, we will unfortunately not be able to accept this order.

3. Of course, we will be happy if you order again in the new month at the then current offered conditions.

4. info crypto and Trillon payments

1. Crypto payments can be made via the Maxwell shopping portal*. Since the entire Avon range cannot be entered there, Avon product packages were entered. Here, minimum order value is 60 €.
Choose and order (here still without obligation) the Avon products via the brochure. After submitting, you know the total order value (min. value 60 €).

After that, please find the package with the next higher amount (5€ increments) in the Maxwell shopping portal and buy and pay for it with the cryptocurrency of your choice. In case of a higher order sum, combine so that the total sum of the packages fits.

Handling and shipping within Germany, 5 €/order.

NOTE: in some countries, you will not be able to use the shopping portal. See point 5 if you still want to pay with Crypto.

5. delivery of goods, MaxBack (cashback as MWT), free addition

It is important that you pay promptly as there is a risk, particularly towards the end of the month, that we may not be able in time to arrange for Avon to dispatch your order before the monthly offer change. We reserve the right to cancel your order completely. If you have already paid, you can choose to have the amount credited to your next order, or you can enable us to refund the amount paid.

After receipt of your timely payment, we will release the delivery through AVON. The goods are conveniently delivered by parcel service to your home or to the delivery address of your choice within Germany.

Your cashback, if you have paid via the Maxwell shopping portal, you will receive as MaxBack in the form of MWT MountainWolf Tokens, as described there in the portal.*
You can exchange these MWT, but also use them for further purchases in the portal and more.

If you pay by bank transfer or Paypal, you will not receive a cashback, as already written in 2.2, but from € 60 order value a free product will be added. The gift is selected by us (otherwise it would not be a surprise :-) ).

Are you a merchant, and would you like to offer your products against crypto and benefit from an ever-growing customer base, increase your sales and/or do you know merchants who you would like to help and thereby enable you to earn a permanent additional income?
Maybe even finally digitize your offer at all with an easy-to-use online shop?
Then feel free to take a look at THIS page.

* In some countries, you can't open a MountainWolf account, so you can't use the Maxwell shopping portal or get MWT as cashback.
Should you still prefer to pay with crypto, this is possible upon individual agreement. Please don't hesitate to contact us about this.
Prohibited Jurisdictions” include, but are not limited to, the United States of America, Canada, Cuba, Territories occupied by Russia, Russian Federation, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. The full list of Prohibited Jurisdictions is available in the Documents log on the MountainWolf website.

If there are any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy discovering and trying the products.

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