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We currently
accept NO Trillon !

Please let us first handle the existing orders. Thanks.

Trillon is the StableCoin, that can be used on the shopping platform Trillando.

On this page you will find information on how you can also use this coin for your Avon purchase via Selecto24.

Now AVON products, cosmetics and more,
ALSO can be paid for with crypto

CLEAR; you can still place your order in euros as usual,
but the circle of crypto-fans is growing. We would like to do justice to this fact here.

We assume that you already know the great AVON products, even if so far only
by the excellent name. 
If not, this is your chance to get to know the quality of AVON products.

AVON offers a wide range of products, of course decorative cosmetics like lipstick, eye shadow, make-up, rouge etc., but also skin care, body care, hair care, also perfumes, EdP, EdT, deodorants, then on to fashion accessories like scarves and bags, beautiful jewellery, various gift articles and even fashion.

If you have any questions about the products themselves or the offers shown there,
which are not already answered in the brochure,
please don't hesitate to contact Miranda at any time.

In general, please bear in mind that we are a part-time owner-managed company without staff, so we ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer to receive a response.

Please READ and follow the procedure below. Thank you

Process description and notes

For legal reasons, it can get a bit boring now, but we want you to get all the information, firstly because you will probably discover new possibilities, secondly so that there will be no reason to argue, and we will all be satisfied and stay satisfied.

If you do not accept the conditions described, please do not order anything. With your order, you accept the conditions as described on this page.

Please note, especially from point 2:
 After ordering, please send us your address and indicate how you would like to pay because without this, no correct invoice can be created.

1. the legal

This is where it starts to get boring, but unfortunately, it has to be done.

You can find the cancellation policy HERE.

In addition to the rules of Selecto24, the AVON terms and conditions and delivery conditions also apply. You can find these at the appropriate places in the brochure from which you can directly order.

Should you be dissatisfied in any way, which we naturally try to avoid, please ALWAYS contact us first.
If a refund is required, it will be made in the same way as the original payment, unless we agree otherwise (the latter NOT for payments in Trillon).

Delivery only within Germany. For other countries, see notes below.

2. the order

In our opinion, that is the most joyful part. You are welcome to browse through the current online brochure and choose your products.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or PayPal, you can send your order from €30 order value. Up to €200 order value, plus €4.95 shipping/handling costs, above that, free of shipping costs within Germany.
If you want to pay with Trillon, the order value MUST be between €150 and €500
For payments in all other cryptocurrencies, please contact us before ordering for an individual arrangement. See point 4 for more details on crypto and Trillon payments.

After ordering, please send us your address and indicate how you would like to pay because without this, no correct invoice can be created.

3. order acceptance

After receiving your address and desired (and if applicable clarified by e-mail in case of non-Trillon crypto request) payment method, we can send you a correct invoice and the payment data. With the sending of the invoice, the order is accepted by us.
With the appropriate payment, you then also finally accept.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or PayPal, and also with some cryptos, there should be no major obstacles to the amount and quantity of your order.
Only when paying by Trillon we (still) have to limit.

You are welcome to ask BEFORE you place an order whether orders against Trillon are accepted. We try to keep the notice at the top of this page up to date. However, if we are overrun with orders, we may not be able to update it as quickly.

You have NO entitlement to have your order accepted against Trillon or at all. This decision is only at our discretion. *

4. info crypto and Trillon payments

Generally, the fees for such payments are at your expense.
For non-Trillon crypto payments, this will be agreed individually.

For payments in Trillon, the following applies in general:
To the goods order value (between €150 and €500 goods order value per order) €10 handling incl. shipping in Germany is added for each order.

The sum resulting from this plus 7% (incl. German VAT) for exchange fees.

The result will be converted into Trillon via the Trillando merchant portal at the exchange rate valid there.

Example of the Euro calculation:
Your order amounts to €160. Adding €10 results in €170.
€170 * 1,07 = €181.90. This amount is then converted into Trillons (based on the value of the USD).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. delivery of goods

It is important that you pay promptly as there is a risk, particularly towards the end of the month, that we may not be able in time to arrange for Avon to dispatch your order before the monthly offer change. We reserve the right to cancel your order completely. If you have already paid, you can choose to have the amount credited to your next order, or you can enable us to refund the amount paid.

After receipt of your timely payment, we will release the delivery through AVON. The goods are conveniently delivered to your home by parcel service or to the delivery address of your choice within Germany. We hope you enjoy discovering and trying out the products.

* Our decision is based, among other things, on the crypto turnover that has already occurred in the respective month. In addition, the probability of an order being rejected increases towards the end of each month.
This is because AVON changes its offer every month and prices can then be different. If for capacity reasons we can no longer process your order in time, we will unfortunately not be able to accept this order.
Of course, we will be happy if you place a new order in the new month according to the current offers.

Free addition in June 2023

Thank you for reading this far. In return, you get the CHANCE to receive a free product.

As you can see, our first 5 customers this month, with an order value of €35 or more, will receive a free product.

Simply enter the promo code when placing your shop-order. If you are one of our first 5 customers of the month using this code, the product will be automatically added to your package.

How this offer came to be ...

During another activity, we got to know the so-called  TTT concept and the associated marketplace Trillando.

We like the vision behind it so much that we looked for several ways to use it, not only as buyers/users of the increasing number of offers, but also by creating another offer on the marketplace Trillando.
There you can find traders who accept the so-called stablecoin Trillon, which is linked to the USD, as a means of payment.
You don't necessarily have to understand all of this now. If you are curious and would like to be invited to a Telegram group and/or an online presentation where you can learn more about it, please contact us HERE.

Selecto24 has now also successfully registered, and we therefore now also accept the Trillon as a means of payment. However, we are still in the initial phase, so for the moment, only for AVON orders that are within our predefined limits. The number of orders is also still limited, as we cannot pre-finance indefinitely.

This is purely informational and not to be understood as an appeal:
More information about Trillon (and Trillant) can be found HERE.
As a merchant on Trillando, you can receive payments in Trillon and have those sent in USDT to your MountainWolf account, from where it can be exchanged for Euros or another fiat or cryptocurrency if desired.
If you want to pay with crypto other than Trillon, then you would also send this to our corresponding wallet at  MountainWolf. Thereby, it doesn't matter from where your cryptos come from.
However, it would be easier if you YOURSELF had a MountainWolf account for crypto with a connection to the fiat world. You can open such an account for free. Then you can transfer your cryptos in real time via the SendWolf function.

There are regular Infozoomcalls on MountainWolf and the associated possibilities, plus the decentralized exchange GenieSwap, where cryptos can be exchanged across exchange and platform boundaries. If you wish, I will gladly give you the date and link. Just ask :-)

NOTE: Please note that the use of crypto in general can mean very high risks, up to total loss. If you do not know enough or have not informed yourself sufficiently, we unfortunately have to tell you to rather order in Euro against bank transfer or PayPal. We do not accept any liability.

If you have a business yourself and would also like to accept Trillon for your offer, we would be happy to help you start it up. There are already over 80,000 customers who would like to get to know and use your offer.
Also for this, you can freely contact us.

Delivery to countries other than Germany

Of course, we would also like to deliver to other countries, but unfortunately this is no longer possible for logistical reasons. However, we would like to introduce you to the possibilities of a German delivery address with forwarding of the parcel, which you can use at your own expense and risk. These we have also only found on the internet, and if you know of others, we would be pleased to receive a hint so that we can add them here.

As we are no partners or anything, you have to clarify that yourself. Also, regarding customs, import fees etc., you act on your own responsibility here.


LOGOiX could be a promising option here:
Pick up yourself in Freilassing, 6 days a week, or have them forwarded throughout Austria.

Rest EU 

Check out this provider:


For Switzerland, or also  seem to be suitable.

Worldwide, Rest of the world

As far as we can ascertain, and forward to many countries around the world.

Nevertheless, you can also check with the aforementioned to see if their offer suits you.